Small Dogs & Home Thievery


Quasi and I had such a nice walk on the beach at this morning’s small dog Meetup. I met this really sweet woman named Chloe who was there with her dog and husband. She was telling me that their house was just broken into while they were in their house up near Seal Rock, and that there are a string of robberies happening all up and down the Seal Rock / Outer Sunset area. Yikes!

My back felt amazing this morning. I took Quasi up and down the beach, even ran with him a little, and took him to get his nails done, which is like a 5 block walk. They’re so great to him there, at this cute little place called Scissor Me Whiskers.

I started the anti-fungal Itraconazole yesterday, I think it’s for the Bartonella – but it might be for some of the other nasty things Dr. Green found in my system. It’s hard to remember and keep track of all this stuff, even with all my record keeping. My cognitive functioning has been so badly affected by Lyme, I get overwhelmed and confused so easily now.

One of the tests Dr. Green had me do was this mold test to find what types of mold I have in my body. I had some pretty gnarly results, and was surprised that even though I’ve been on the Candida diet for nearly 5 months now my Candida count is still pretty high, but the grossest / scariest result was that I have black mold in my body somehow! I keep thinking of how I must look if I were to be cut open – with the mold, parasites, Lyme bacteria, liver tumors. It must be disgusting! I can’t wait to be cleansed from all this.

I get so frustrated with the back pain and weakness because sometimes I can’t tell how bad it’s going to be till I sit down after doing activities. It can be really deceiving in a depressing way – like today, where I felt amazing this morning, was out on my feet with Quasi for an hour, got home and felt like I could go back out and get some bubble tea with Chris, but once I sat down the pain kicked in and now I don’t feel well enough to leave the apartment for awhile. Hopefully it’ll fade and I can still get my bubble tea fix – I just hate how my life is at the whim of this illness. I feel like I’m in someone else’s broken body.

Chris and I played Clue for the first time last night. It was really fun. I won, as usual ;).

The featured pic is of Quasi’s butthole. You’re welcome. 🙂

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