Letter to the Editor: The Screamer

This is not related to my illness, but it’s another issue plaguing the neighborhood I live in – which adds to my daily stress levels, which probably do affect my overall health. But still – the residents of my neighborhood are suffering and need help.

Richmond Review/Sunset Beacon

Is it possible to live on the sidewalk for years and still maintain your health?  Not just maintain but thrive? There is a man who has made his home on the sidewalk in our neighborhood for at least the last ten years, under the awning of Europa Express at 750 La Playa Street.
We call him the Screamer but some locals refer to him as Marco.  With no tent or sleeping bag, and only the occasional blanket over his shoulders to protect against the night chill, he is a constant presence. Not only does he live on the sidewalk, in only the clothes he’s wearing, but he can sit cross-legged in the one spot for the entire night. I will see him there at 5 in the afternoon, at 9 before I retire, at 1 a.m. when I’m up during the night, and he is still there at 6…

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