My Ph.D. Work at Indiana University

Yep, it’s true! A Lymie can get a PhD. Or at least can try to get one. 🙂

And this part of my blog is my proof!

Here I’ll be posting some of my latest PhD work while at the Indiana University’s Luddy School of Informatics, and sharing what it’s like to be a PhD student with a chronic illness.

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Full PhD Diary

A collection of my personal journal entries chronicling my experience as a new PhD student with a chronic illness. There’s more here than anyone but me would ever want to read… but if you are interested go for it! 🙂

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Lessons from a Procrastinator

This blog post is an assignment for my Fall 2022 Intro to Health Informatics class. It’s a study into my Avoidant/Procrastination bad habits, a review of the apps I tried to help teach me better habits, and how it all went. Spoiler Alert: Procrastination’s a Bitch!

For my Fall 2022 PhD Intro to Informatics class, this was my article review of “Game Changer: The Topology of Creativity” by Mathijs de Vaan, David Stark and Balazs Vedreswhere I got to dress up like a vault dweller from Fallout because Fallout was named as a Game Changer in the article.

I shot off a confetti cannon because I announced that when I first started playing Fallout over a decade ago, I never would have thought that in 2022 I’d be giving my first presentation to PhD students about it. I was so excited I had to celebrate by startling everyone, including my professor. 🙂

Click here are my presentation slides if you’d like to see them up close.

For my Fall 2022 Intro to Health Informatics class, we had to pick something we learned about during the semester and give a short presentation about it. I chose “The Habit Loop”, coined in 2012 by Charles Duhigg in his book “The Power of Habit”. For this video, I used a Canva slide template and imported it into Prezi Video.

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