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Lyme in the Time of COVID

Okay, so apparently – May is Lyme Disease Awareness month?? Why didn’t anyone tell me this earlier?! 🙂 Well in honor of having our very own fancy month, offer their “Lyme in the Time of COVID” magazine issue for FREE. Thanks guys! “Free” and “Lyme Disease” never seem to go together – just the opposite (looking at you out of network specialist appointment costs), so yay for free!

Cover of the Lyme Times Magazine Summer 2020 Lyme in the Time of COVID issue
Free PDF of LymeTimes magazine Summer 2020 COVID issue

And here’s some more helpful COVID info from the Lyme Disease Association:

The Lyme Disease Association has also collected a bunch of articles about how COVID could impact some Lymies out there, and what you can do about it if you’re one of the unlucky ones – but hopefully you’re not and never will be, and none of this info is needed in your life! 🙂

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