Hi! I'm Lisa, and I have Lyme.

My husband, me and our little dog Quasi

I started getting mysteriously sick in 2011, and was finally diagnosed in 2017. It’s been a difficult and confusing journey getting to this diagnosis, and now that I’m here I’m fired up to beat this disease and to share with you all I’ve been learning along the way!

Whether you’re struggling with Lyme yourself, or are trying to educate yourself for a loved one, or are just interested in the illness, I hope you find something helpful within my site. 🙂

I am currently disabled from Lyme – and to say it’s been difficult is an understatement. It’s a super sucky illness, but for all my Lymies: hang in there! Be compassionate with yourself, know you’re not alone, and let’s kick these dirty spirochetes for good!

xoxo – ❤︎ Lisa

My latest posts

Lyme in the Time of COVID

Okay, so apparently – May is Lyme Disease Awareness month?? Why didn’t anyone tell me this earlier?! 🙂 Well in honor of having our very own fancy month, LymeDisease.org offer their “Lyme in the Time of COVID” magazine issue for FREE. Thanks guys! “Free” and “Lyme Disease” never seem to go together – just the… Continue reading Lyme in the Time of COVID

Letter to the Editor: The Screamer

Originally posted on Richmond Review/Sunset Beacon:
Editor: Is it possible to live on the sidewalk for years and still maintain your health?  Not just maintain but thrive? There is a man who has made his home on the sidewalk in our neighborhood for at least the last ten years, under the awning of Europa…

Had my first Grand Mal Seizure. Whoa… didn’t see that one coming!

Earlier this week I was playing a board game with my husband, and suddenly there were paramedics helping me into an ambulance. I’ve had a lot of fainting and partial seizures because of my POTS syndrome (also called “the fainting disease)” that I developed as a complication from Neuro Lyme. But those are really fast,… Continue reading Had my first Grand Mal Seizure. Whoa… didn’t see that one coming!

I did a puzzle today!

Yup. I know it’s lame to the layman, but I’m super excited about it ‘cuz for me it’s AWESOME! Normally doing a 1,000 piece puzzle wouldn’t be cause for celebration, but for me it’s something I used to love to do but haven’t been able to for at least a couple years. Because of my… Continue reading I did a puzzle today!

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