In the News

In the News: Lyme insurance bill unanimously passes Illinois House!

Photo from the 2014 Worldwide Chicago Lyme Rally

A few months ago I signed a petition on to have the CDC, IDSA & ALDF investigated for corruption in regards to their public handling of Lyme Disease.

The petition is run by a man named Carl Tuttle, and he is my real-life super hero. I call him LYME MAN! 🙂

Carl truly is inspiring, and he makes me feel like someone is out there fighting this fight for me. He is constantly updating followers of his petition with latest news of Lyme laws and changes, and shares all his tireless efforts going after politicians and organizations that are in one way or another part of the problem with Lyme diagnostics, treatment, coverage, disability, support, etc.

He’s truly amazing to me – and just doesn’t stop. This morning I woke up to yet another awesome update from Carl:

Lyme insurance bill unanimously passes Illinois House; on to Senate.

Woohoo!! Wtg Illinois!

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