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Pecan-Buckwheat Porridge – Meh, Okay


Pecan-Buckwheat Porridge

rotating sar rotating sar  (2 out of 3) – Meh, not bad. Not great. Just meh.

Suggested Changes: Use 4 cups of water instead of 2 cups when cooking it. It gets really thick really quickly.

Review: The trend to the Candida Cleanse recipes is that they are BLAND. And unfortunately there’s not much I could do with this to make it more flavorful because there are only a few ingredients, but it was still okay. Compared to my old favorite of regular oatmeal with cream & honey this doesn’t really get the job done to curb those cravings. The flavor is alright and I do like that it gets lumpy. The lumps are nice and chewy, like lumpy cream of wheat which was my favorite growing up.

Helpful Tip: Don’t let the leftovers sit out too long – they turn to cement in the pot.





Just so you know…

I’m not trying to trick you with these links and reviews or am a paid person lying for some product or company. I am just a regular person who’s struggling with a chronic illness, so I thought I’d give this recipe book a try. I’m linking to things for your reference if you’d like to look into this stuff more, but I have no affiliation with any of these items and am not getting paid or have any special code embedded into the links that gives me a credit if you buy something or any of that sneaky stuff.

Just putting this stuff out there for me so I can remember it (cuz Lyme Disease has totally killed my short term memory), and for you in case it’s helpful too! 🙂

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